Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Day 14

A photo of one of your favorite family members

Not sure why I can't find a picture of us together...and it isn't fair that "they" make us pick a favorite family member lol. It was a hard fight between Tim and Grandma. (really, no offense to everyone else lol ) So in typical Christal fashion, I picked both. I am so lucky to have Tim as a step-dad.

Here's a few reasons:
-he is ALWAYS supportive
-we can laugh together when mom is being crazy
-he loved me from Day 1
-he's been there, when my dad hasn't
-he always sends me text messages telling me how proud he is of me
-He runs half marathons in 1:39 ?!?!?! Who does that?
-He works hard, despite crazy budget cuts, to help support us

And then there's grandma(my gma on the right, my step-gma on the left, both equally awesome) My gma, will probably KILL me for posting a picture of her. Because she hates pictures, it's difficult to find one with us together!

Here's why she's great:
-She took care of us after school, while my mom worked(years and years of days of our lives cemented in my brain haha)
-she spoils me ;)
-she calls, just to catch up and tell me she's proud of me
-she's funny
- she loves sports, and calls to talk about it all the time
- she loves and supports all of her kids and grandkids, even when we don't all agree, all the time
-she comments on my blog

Here's why she's not:
-She's a Denver Broncos fan (haha, kidding Grandma...sort of)


Anonymous said...

My O My Really makes me love you all the more... We enjoyed having you kids.... Glad you had that time with Grand Pa..... Luv you ... G-Ma