Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Wow, I should buy a new car more often so that people will comment!

Well, this week I've been having parent teacher conferences. I am looking forward to tomorrow, it will be my only conference in English! My Spanish has gotten much better! I'm proud of it. hehe It has been good to meet all the parents and to see where my students are coming from. I love my job and my students.

This weekend I am going to the Santa Cruz County Sharefest. It's when all the churches in the county get together to do service projects. Our young adult group is going down to a run down area by the beach to paint and fix it up. I am really looking forward to hanging out with all the people in the group! I really like it, and am about to get involved on the activities committee...surprise surprise. I am ina girls group on mondays and a mixed group on thursdays. I am soooo happy to finally have a church, it makes life sooooo much better.

Hope everyone is doing well!

Sunday, October 15, 2006


I just did my first adultish thing. I bought a car! Welcome to my 2006 Ford Escape complete with 6 cd changer and sunroof :o) and now, i will be broke for the next 6 years!! hehe sooo excited!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the slo life

hi all! Amy is right, i haven't posted in awhile! I visited slo this past weekend. it was AWESOME! I got to hang out with the nugents a ton and saw a few other people. Lets just say, it took all i have to leave again. Benjamin kept saying how much he misses me and asking me to not go home. i could barely handle it, and i so wish i could stay and help...oh how i miss them! I had a nice relaxing time there, that ended with a victorious charger party at the peets! it was good times!

Teaching is going great. Life is much better than it was 3 months ago! Things are much calmer, and we have such an fun time in my classroom. We r always laughing and just hanging out with each other. I have bonded with the kids and i almost always want to cry when they tell me they love me. I love being a teacher...i now know what God had in store for me. Most of these students just want a hug or some attention. I'm more than willing to give that! Now the next challenge:doing 15 parent conferences in spanish....joy....

Also, I am starting to get involved at santa cruz bible church. I love the church and the young adults group. I just joined a bible study and i really enjoyed it. I hope this helps to fight the loneliness i was feeling! its so hard to move! I have made a few friends there and am looking forward to making more.