Tuesday, May 27, 2008


The wonderful Katie sent me some pictures from this weekend. Enjoy!

Monday, May 26, 2008

A few of my favorite things...

My roommate and I are watching The Sound of Music to finish our Memorial Day. I had an awesome weekend in SLO town with the Nugents and other friends that I was able to see. We did a lot of hanging out, geocaching (www.geocaching.com) and game playing (Sorry, no pictures...still no camera). I love going there...I am looking forward to going when it is much warmer though.

Anyways...I was inspired, so here's a few of my favorite things (besides gumdrops on roses..)

1)Being called Tee-Ti
3) Cold Sheets
4) Texting
5) Letters from students
6) Mmmmbop!
7) Frozen grapes
8) firefighters ;)
9) my Wii
10) geocaching...a new favorite
11) lemon meringue pie
12) sushi
13) Bali's...I know some of you out there have betrayed them...I tried the other place too. :(
14) Hearing William tell me what an owl says...hoo hoo!
15) writing to my compassion children

What are some of your favorite things??

*Fire update: Fire is almost contained. Roads are being opened and most people are allowed to return to their homes. Praise God! Please be praying for those who lost their homes.

Friday, May 23, 2008


It appears that fire follows me wherever I go! School was cancelled today because of a wildfire in the Santa Cruz mountains. About 3,000+ acres have been destroyed along with about 15 structures/homes. Our school isn't close to the fire, but the air quality is horrible, and we were stuck inside the classroom for a full 6 hours yesterday, except for bathroom breaks aka...crazyness. Just be praying for those affected, as there are many in are district who are.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Weddings, Best man duties and missing rings and Venezuelan boys...

*Note: Longest post ever(but lots of pictures!)

Hi all. I woke up this morning, about 15 minutes ago, and my body ached all over. Yes, that's how incredibly tired I am. This weekend was pretty awesome. I got to have Thursday and Friday off, which made me LOVE life. On Thursday I worked, pretty much the whole day on a paper that I had to write about Cornelia de Lange Syndrome. 3 hours later, that was done. Christy came in to visit that night and we had tons of fun just hanging out and catching up. I miss her dearly! Friday was the beginning of wedding festivities...(for those who don't know, 2 of my best friends in Santa Cruz got married on Saturday, and I was the best man.)

Friday afternoon I headed to Julie's to help put all the flowers together and help her get her house packed up. That night was the rehearsal and dinner at Tony and Alba's. It was great fun and I got some great presents!

Saturday I got up, and went to get my hair done at 9. I barely made it to the church by 11, got prettied up, dressed and was ready for pictures. I was only in a few of the girls ones, and was done by 1:30 and had a 30 min. break before the boys came. I know...crazy day.

By 2:30 the boys were ready to go for pictures. We took about an hour or so, then the videographer needed us. When he asked the best man, me, for the rings, Allen looked at me and said, "I forgot the ring at home." It was 3:30 and the wedding started at 4:00. So I raced to his house in my dress and high heels and got back in time. Julie didn't know about the story beforehand, so it made for a great addition to my best man speech.
The ceremony was beautiful, and after lots of pictures, and some foosball, we headed to the reception, which was about 5 minutes away.We ate lots of yummy food, had a few toasts and LOTS of dancing. Most of our young adults group was on the dance floor for the whole reception. That's what I call a good time. Around 10pm, I started driving the happy newlyweds to their hotel in San Jose. I dropped them off and spent the night at my friend's house. After getting showered and eating, I rolled into bed at about 2 am. Did I mention I had to get up at 6? Yeah, I basically sleep walked to the car and drove to the hotel to get the dress and tux and get them to the airport. Phew..can't believe I got up in time today!It was tiring, but well worth it, for two amazing people.

Where do the Venezuelan boys come in? On Sunday, I went with my friend Laura to her grandma's house to celebrate Mothers Day. Her grandma's caretaker is from Venezuela, so the whole family came over. It was awesome. I spoke Spanish for about 4 hours straight and ate some amazing Venezuelan food. One of the cousins just graduated from med school, so we got to hear lots of fantastic stories. It was a great mother's day, although I was sadly without my mother. :(
Next weekend brings a flight home, and Missy's graduation from USC. May is my crazy month! If you are still reading, you are awesome! Love you all.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Time Off..

I am praising the Lord that I decided to take Thursday and Friday off. State testing has drained me! Saturday is the wedding...so I took the days off for that...but...I have a paper to write, among many other things. I will update again when all of my Best Man duties are over. :)

Side Note: Has anyone read the book P.S. I love you? I just listened to it on book on tape(since Im driving to Monterey 2 nights a week.) I LOVED it. I'm watching the movie, and totally can't get into it! I really shouldn't read the book first...