Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Copying Kendra

On my friend Kendra's Blog...she talked about how Dr. Phil (who I think is lame..which is besides the point) asks his guests to fill out this questionnaire. I had fun reading hers, so I thought I would do it, since I pretty much don't have anything exciting to write about.

10 defining moments in my life

1. My parent's divorce.
2. Going to Christian Club in high school. seriously...the reason I turned around and followed Christ. Brandon was a big part of that.
3. Costa Rica Mission Trip
4. My first week of college.
5. Getting my first paycheck, and really being on my own.
6. Melissa going to the hospital.
7. My half-brother being born.
8. My mom being re-married and getting the best step-dad ever.
9. Moving out of my apartment/comfort zone
10. Benjamin being adopted and the miracle of his little bro.

7 critical choices I have made

1. Accepting Jesus at Sea World...awesome, I know.
2. Changing my major from Kinesiology to Liberal Studies.
3. Going to Grace Church for the first time.
4. Moving to Santa Cruz
5. Choosing to teach in PVUSD.
6. Showing up at a certain SLO house unannounced all the time.
7. Quitting soccer junior year of hs.

5 pivitol people who have written on the slate of who I am

1. parents, all 4 of them
2. Jamie, an old soccer coach.
3. Katie, Tim and Boys
4. My Grandma
5. Cynthia--Mentor Teacher

Monday, February 16, 2009

Life is good.

All is good in the world of Christal. I'm pretty much settled in and doing well. Budget cuts have been hard on us lately, but other than that, life is good. Not much to update on.

I am loving the new church I am going to. I just joined a small group and enjoyed it. The church just did an awesome series called "There's an elephant in the..." (basement, nursery, kitchen, bedroom, etc.) It was basically a series on difficult family topics. I really enjoyed it and was convicted by a lot of it. The abuse sermon was especially difficult and the bedroom one was more humorous.

Next week we start a series based on the Book of Ephesians and this book:

It's actually really interesting. You should check it out! Have a great week!