Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Day #2

The first day is over. I am so exhausted! My feet hurt, and they have blisters. :(

Other than that, the day was pretty good! I think my class will be much better than last year! And, so far, I only have 22 students. Thats less than some 2nd grade teachers. :) The kids are so much more mature and can do so much more! So far, I'm loving 4th grade. I have a lot of really fun girls, and even some fun boys. Only 1 student who doesn't speak any english...pretty good.

One of the new teachers ended up with 4 pretty high intensity boys. I feel like I paid those dues last year. I had about 7 of those. But since my numbers are so low, I may be gaining one of those boys. It should be ok, since my class does pretty well. They are still pretty chatty, but can also work pretty quietly, especially once I do a little moving of desks. I'm looking forward to doing some fun things with them. Be praying that I find my groove and ease right into 4th grade! Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Summer is over?!?!

School starts tomorrow. Woo! My room is ready, the desks are ready, everything is ready, but I'm not ready for summer to be over!

I'll update on the first day, tomorrow!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Spirit West Coast and the Strawberry Festival!

This past weekend was crazy, but tons of fun! On Wednesday night, 5 YWAM-ers from Denver came to stay over at my house for Spirit West Coast. It was crazy, but tons of fun. We stayed up late talking and watching Friends. On Friday, we all headed out to SWC to work! They worked at their booth and I worked at the KLIFE booth. It was awesome to see Noonie and get to hang out with all of them. I didn't stay late because I wanted to rest so I could be healthy for the next day. On Saturday, I worked at the booth for a little bit and then hung out with my house guests and saw tons of concerts. I got to see Downhere, Wavorly, Disciple, Tobymac and Switchfoot. It was tons of fun! My back made it through, I was very impressed. I went to PT today and they worked me hard because I wasn't feeling any I'm feeling it. :)

On Sunday, after my awesome visitors left, we Kirsten, Julie, Allen, Alyssa and I all headed out to Watsonville for the Strawberry Festival. Basically all we did there was eat. :) Strawberry quesadillas, strawberry funnel cake, chocolate covered was awesome. I actually made it out of the place only seeing one student. Amazing.

Yesterday I started my training week. Im being trained in a new language arts program. I am loving the program but am bored of the training. :) Luckily, my room is already finished and looks awesome. School starts a week from tomorrow. AHHH! Crazy. Just plain crazy. Does anyone know how to teach 4th grade? Let me in on your secrets. I got to see my class list, and it looks pretty good. I'm getting excited...but we'll see! Hope everyone is doing well!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Summer Pictures!