Friday, July 28, 2006

fun from wednesday night..

Some pictures I stole from Jessica hehe

David...having way too much fun!

Jessica and one of our SLO families :o)

great picture of the Fuglers!

It was an awesome time of hanging out with some of my church family in slo. I had such an awesome time!

Thursday, July 27, 2006


Well, I am officially moved! All of my stuff is in Watsonville and unpacked...welll except the 9 boxes that are going to my classroom! I am exhausted, all I have been doing for 3 days is cleaning, packing and sweating..haha. Tomorrow we clean, and then it will be over! Thank goodness for hawaii! only 2 days!!! I am soooo looking forward to it! Katie just made reservations for a luau for her and I to go to. So touristy, but it must be done. :o) Also, I'm thinking about parasailing...we'll see if I can handle it!

Last night, Jon and Noonie had me, Jessica and the Leonards over for dinner. It was such a fun time! and wow, was the food amazing! It was sooooo x 100 hard to say goodbye!

oh no, lynn is here to get me for applebees, more later! :o)

Monday, July 24, 2006

ay yay ay

113 degrees in Paso Robles 11:00 am. bring on hawaii!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Summer School

Wow, I can't believe I am about to start my last week of teaching summer school! It seems so unreal. I can tell that I picked the right career. If you can love teaching during the summer, you can love teaching always. haha I love those kids. I loved speaking Spanish, I loved coming up with the plan when I got to school in the morning, and I loved having a good time.

Some things I learned:
-yelling at kids, doesn't work
-sitting down with them and helping them through the book or the work, does work
-if one of your students doesn't speak english, you have to change everything about your teaching
-don't do everything the curriculum tells you to
-productive noise is ok
-3rd grade boys like to show off
-getting hand drawn pictures is the coolest thing ever
-all 4 years at cal poly are worth it after you get a letter that says you're the best teacher they've ever had :)
-every student has potential, you just have to bring it out in them!
-math stinks, but timed tests really do work
-explain everything, if you think they know how to do it, explain it again

I'd say it's been a productive summer! I'm still terrified of having my own classroom, but at least I know which things work, and which things don't! In 3 weeks, school starts. how crazy is that?!?!

but even sooner...hawaii...5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. this heat is crazy!

Finleyfan02: How do you feel about ice cream later?
RebelDM01: are you thinkin' coldstone ice cream?
FinleyFan02: im thinkin anything thats cold
RebelDM01: amen
FinleyFan02: i dont really care where
RebelDM01: i'll LAY on their cold stone
FinleyFan02: HAHAH

Friday, July 21, 2006


My roomie is moving out, as we speak! :o( We've lived together for 2 years, and I will miss her dearly, even though she wasn't here much! I'm just watching them move stuff, and wishing that I didn't have to do that in a week. I so hate moving, mostly because i dont want to pack everything!

meanwhile, benjamin is asleep in the other room (finally) and I'm trying to get myself tired enough to join him, since he'll probably be up in 5 hours!
good night!

Dancing fun!

Last night we went dancing to celebrate Amy's last day of being a cal poly student!(not that we don't usually go on thursdays, lol) Anyways, Amy, Lynn and I had an awesome time! Line dancing in the summer is always so awesome, because there's not as many people! I'm looking forward to enjoy my last week of dancing, next week. Maybe I can get my parents to come! haha

In other news, Rachel just booked flights to come visit me on Labor Day Weekend, how cool is that?!?! Now I'm excited to move, just so she can come visit :o) She's coming Aug. 31st and then leaving on labor day. I think we're going to go to the Monterey Aquarium, one of my favorite places! Also, since she hasn't been to sbc park, I think we're going to go to a giants game, which I'm always a fan of, because Steve Finley is on the team! She is also going to be able to come to school with me on Friday, which is sooooo exciting. That will be a good time, even though I'll put her to work ;o)

I also just booked my flight to fly home for thanksgiving. It was 70 dollars cheaper if I flew home on tuesday night, instead of wednesday morning. Kind of lame. $160 round trip is pretty good! I am sooo looking forward to not driving, especially if I have the same car. (poor corrolla!)

Well I'm off to the pool with Katie and Benjamin!

P.S. 8 days til Hawaii!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

fun graduation pictures....

Since I didn't have this blog when I graduated, I thought it would be fun to post some pictures from graduation and the party for those of you who didn't get to come

both sides of the fam :o)

me and Mike my other family :o)

that's all for now! maybe more to come!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Jacquelyn and I went out for our last (*tear*) hang out night, for awhile. We've had an awesome time getting to know each other these past few years, even if it was around my crazy schedule and her fun kids! I'll miss their family, dearly! Can't wait til you come up for the aquarium! Remember, Eliannah knows all about it, and she definitely deserves it after this ordeal! :o)

Some fun pictures....

Just happened to be my biggest bite of sushi...and if you know me, you know why this is hilarious haha

Sushi first-timer...she was brave and did well! I wonder what the fish in the background is thinking lol...


Ok, so I admit, I'm getting a little emotional. A week from tomorrow I will officially be moved out of SLO and will be one day away from Hawaii! But wow, where has the time gone?!?!! I'm starting to feel the sadness...

Not to mention, this is my last official Nugent date night. For two years I have cleared my schedule every Wednesday to be able to spend precious time with them and Benjamin, usually Ben, while they go out. Free dinner every Wednesday, sweet deal huh? ;o) Wow, so weird. I really, really hope I am good about keeping in contact with them! I'm sure I will be, especially with the new baby. Anywho, Benjamin is staying at my house this friday, for a last night with tee-ti (auntie christal). That should be fun, even though Tim keeps laughing at me for that decision. I might as well get used to it, we're sleeping in the same room for 6 days in hawaii! 6 days of 6am...haha...I told Tim I was going to send him to their room at 2am, and tell him to say he wanted to sleep with mommy and daddy..hahaha.

Not only am I moving from my beloved SLO, but I am moving further from home and my family and friends there! Good thing I'll be making sooo much money I can fly whenever I want to (hahaha *sarcastic*) Rachel, Julie and McG' must come visit the big SC! (in fact, everyone needs to visit!)

That's all for now, I guess! I hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


my apologies to those who couldn't comment before. It's fixed now!

fun videos

If you haven't watched these should....

Evolution of Dance

World Cup crazyness

Did he deserve a red card? Even tho the refs technically didn't see it? What do you think? Does anyone even care anymore? lol...I'm still way into soccer after the world cup! I miss it!

summer fun

before I go...
Lynn and I had a great time at the beach this past week! Clam Chowder was also a hit :o) Yay to catching up with old friends!

new blog!

Hi All. I switched over from xanga because a few people said that they can't comment there, and that's no fun! I stayed home from work today, because I have had flu like symptoms. Kinda random. I was with eliannah moses a lot this weekend, and I just found out she has the chicken pox. Sooo, I may be reacting to that, even though I've already had it! Anywho, I'm just enjoying relaxing and being away from the kids for a day. Man, they're tiring. I just hope that they haven't killed the sub yet. lol. I've been praying for her all day, because everyday after recess, they've been really obnoxious. Anyways...hope all is well with everyone!

11 days til Hawaii!