Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween 2010

It is official, I have sold my soul for halloween. I agreed to dress up as one of the Giants. I told my coworkers, if the Giants make it to the series, I'll dress up as Tim Lincecum(aka my least favorite mlb player) Aaaaaaaand, OF COURSE they have to make it. That's what I get for saying things like that. So I got a nasty wig, and borrowed some Giants attire, and a girl at work made me some baseball pants...and wah lah! A dead ringer for Lincecum. My awesome partner teacher, Erin, dressed up as Brian Wilson. We just walked around yelling Fear the Beard! :) When I got home, I showered and changed clothes and went back to being my Padre loving, Giant hating self. :)

The Cal Poly girls are in town and I'll be dressing up as Timmy again. More pictures to come, I'm sure. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 08, 2010

My class

My class, this year, is a challenging one. They are actually one of the best classes I have ever had, behaviorally. Due to a lot of factors, they are all at very beginning levels academically. So, that is challenging. But I am enjoying them and having tons of fun. We tooks a field trip on a boat around the Santa Cruz harbor today. It was so fun to enjoy life with them!