Monday, February 01, 2010

Life is Good

Life is so good right now...thanks to an amazingly faithful God, awesome friends and family and a good training schedule!

I can't believe I ran for 30 minutes today. I remember back when I ran for 3 minutes straight and I thought, "I wonder if Rachel will still love me if I quit?" For the last few weeks I've been running and biking 6 days a week. I never thought I'd say this but, I look forward to it everyday(except maybe Saturday mornings). Tomorrow is the big day...swimming starts! I have a double day, swimming in the morning and biking after work. This is just crazy talk! I am really, really worried about the swimming and I am wishing I could afford a swimming coach. I'm sure it will come together, just like everything else has.

I have a 5k coming up on Valentine's Day, it'll be good goal is to run the whole thing, without stopping. I'm not going to worry about time yet! I'm feeling good and my body has never felt this good. I think I have lost somewhere between 20 and 30 pounds. I'm in that stage where people are noticing, which gives me even more motivation. I am so thankful to Him for the strength to keep going. The dieting is the worst part, but it's working! Can't wait to go shopping for new clothes. :)

The craziest thing that's happened through all this is tons of people have been motivated to join in the "fun!" A few people from work are training for the Tri and are running the 5k with me. This is so exciting. It's just another way I get to connect with them, and I am SO excited about it! And best of all, I get to spend more and more time with Rachel, who has been pushing me and encouraging me like only a friend can! She has been gone for two weeks...can't wait for her to be back!

God is blessing me greatly, even if it's in ways I wasn't expecting. He knows what I need at this time in my life, especially when I think I know what I "need."
I'm swimming at 6 tomorrow morning and it's midnight. I'm going to wish I had saved blogging for tomorrow...Thanks for reading my random triathlon post and thanks to everyone for the encouragement!


MeganAnne said...

Christal, you amaze me! And... if you want some free swim coaching I'd love to help you. Added bonus... we'd get to hang out. :) Either way though, let's find some time to see each other soon.

Mama Mote said...

Wow, Christal! I'm impressed. You make me want to get out to at least get active. Dan and I walk every so often, but I need to be more consistent. Keep up the GREAT work and enjoy your races. hugs and love

Katie Lady said...

so...when do we get to see some pics???? love you!

Anonymous said...

Great I,m so proud of you and all that walking etc..... Take care of yourself......Luv ya, G-Ma