Saturday, February 06, 2010

Another year of this...

March is a month away...for teachers this is a horrible month. Pink slips go out and final cuts are made. Our district voted to increase class size to 28 for K-3 and 35 for upper grades.(I currently have 34). They are saying that even tenured teachers aren't safe this year. This is such a frustrating job. You pour your life into it, and at the end of the year, you're never sure if you have a job or not.

The worst part is that so many teachers are notified that they will lose their jobs, but they still have to teach for 3 more months. It's rough. I was there my 2nd year of teaching and it was not fun. The kids are the ones who suffer.

I will be interested to see the scores in our district over the next few years. Maybe those will show what happens when a kindergartener is put in a class with 29 others. On a positive note, our school is SO close to being out of program improvement. We just have to meet our goal this year. We have everything going against us, but I hope we can do it.

I hope you'll be praying for the thousands of teachers and educational faculty that will be affected this year. You can include my sister, Cassie, in that. She just found out last week that they will most likely not have a job for her next year. I'm thankful that we both have an amazing God we can trust in.


Melissa B. said...

It's so frustrating to be a parent and see this happening. From our own experience with a not so great teacher we long to have someone as invested and caring in the kid's lives as you are. Praying for all the teachers involved.