Thursday, October 02, 2008

Visiting my SLO/OC? family and LOTS of scrapbooking

This past Thursday, I flew down to Orange County to visit my favorite family (besides my own, of course). It had been WAY too long since I had seen them. My boys were so much bigger! Enjoy some pictures from my short visit. :) Love you guys!

On Friday, Katie, Christy, Jen Clark and Katie's cousin Sophia, all went out to Ontario to stay in a hotel all weekend and scrapbook. We scrapbooked all night Saturday, most of the day saturday (until 2:30 am) and until 1 pm on Sunday. It was hardcore and SO fun. I finished about 36 pages. I worked on my Santa Cruz album and a lot of my "life book." I started putting all my pictures from my younger years in an album too! It was such a fun weekend. I am still recovering, and went to bed at 6 pm on Tuesday night!! My mom and gma also came out to visit and we had lunch. It was fun to see them and they brought me my new Wii Fit! More on that later, my body is too sore to type. :)


Katie Lady said...

Hard core is right! I am still recovering...and I could scrap all day and night again! is there a "scrap attack" support group out there? it comes over me suddenly and I want to abandon all my other responsibilites and just sit down and scrap til my fingers are sore. :) Can you say ADDICTED?? Miss you!

Kristen said...

Ben is getting so big! Loved watching the dancing video :)