Thursday, October 09, 2008


Christy's postings on her blog about her mission trip to Texas for hurricane relief has got me thinking. I'm yearning to get out there and go on one. For those who don't know, I was 1 week away from a trip to Kenya in 2007, when the doctor told me it wouldn't be a great idea to go because of back problems. It was devestating. I had prepared for 7 months for a trip I would never get to experience. God used me while I was home, in other ways. I really don't think I ever recovered from the dissapointment. I remember turning off my phone on the day they left for the trip and got back from the trip, so that I wouldn't have to face it. It sounds dramatic, but i was sure God wanted me in those schools, teaching about abstinence and AIDS prevention. He thought otherwise, and that is sometimes SO hard to get over. I am finally starting to come around again. Our church isn't going on trips because of the hardships they are going through. I am praying on it, and keeping my eyes open for somewhere I can be used!

Other musings on traveling: I started a "Christal's trip to Greece fund." I'm sure it will grow very slowly, but I'll eventually make it there! With or without traveling pants. ;)


Katie Lady said...

God's plans are often not what we'd plan, but He IS God after all...I think changing plans is His perrogative. Missn you.