Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Power of Teaching

Last night, my mentor teacher, Cynthia, came over for dinner. I don't get to work with her anymore, since I am out of the induction program. We had an awesome time chatting and catching up. She knows me too well and knows that I am up for trying just about anything in my teaching practice. So...she showed me these You tube videos. The teacher created this classroom management program based on engagement and response. I laughed a lot when I watched it, and then, of course, I HAD to try it today. My class now does Claasss? Yesss? and Teach-Ok. You'll know what they are if you watch the video. It is amazing how great it works. I was skeptical, but the kids love it. I know this is teacher talk, but today was my first fun day of work, in a long time. I give the credit to the power of teaching. :)

Speaking of engagement: my lovely roommate got engaged this weekend!