Thursday, October 16, 2008


Something I definitely do not do enough of. Well, I'm asking for some this time. I have made the big decision, after 2 awesome years at Santa Cruz Bible, that it is no longer the place for me. So, begins the church hunting again. A few friends just moved into town and are working at another church. I'm going to try that one out and go from there. This process stinks, so I figured you prayer warriors can help me along. If you are my friend in Santa Cruz and know me from church, I will be seeing you just as much, I promise.

And two pictures, just because they are cute and I miss them.


Katie Lady said...

Right there with ya babe. Just remember how AWESOME God was to bring you to Grace Church in His perfect time and way. He is faithful... We will rejoice together when we find our spiritual homes again. HUGS.