Saturday, June 30, 2007


There isn't much of one..unfortunately.

I started doing Physical therapy this past week. I did one session of regular and 2 sessions in the pool. I can't really tell if they are helping or not. I am in a lot of pain after each session, but I always feel a little better the next day. The levels of pain are very intermittent. I am usually in a lot of pain in the morning and at night. There is still pain during the day, but not as much.

On Monday I go to see the doctor again. They said if things weren't much better, than I would need an MRI. If we get to that point, major decisions will need to be made. Please be praying for direction and peace after the decisions have been made.

More updates after I see the doctor on Monday.

On a lighter note, Christy is visiting Monday and my dad, step mom and brother are coming on the 4th! This will be awesome since I have been spending all my time flat on my back on the couch watching movies...very excited! :)