Monday, June 25, 2007

Life as a couch potato...

This is where I have been since early Saturday morning....the couch. Boooooo! After 4 super fun hours of chinese food and mah jong with my roomie, Allen and Allen's grandma....I ended up in the Emergency room. I was in A LOT of pain and nothing was helping. We got into a room around 4 am...and they said they couldnt do anything, and they wouldn't give me anything for the pain. That just added to my frustration, so after some upset crying, we headed off to bed around 5 am. I was wide awake and didnt sleep until 6:45am and then woke up at 9.

That day I laid on the couch and barely moved. I was super bummed because I missed Carrie's wedding and Watermania(the big lake trip with church). I read a few books and watched WAY too much tv. Wow...I think Ive seen every commercial about 100 times.:) Laying still is hard enough, but it's even harder when you know all of your friends are having tons of fun without you.

My roommate has been amazing. She has been taking care of my and sat through the wonderful 4 hours in the ER. I think shes starting to get sick of me being around all the time, mostly because she is used to me being gone all the time! We got to watch Casablanca last night, so that was fun.

Today was the first day I got off the couch to get out of the house. Rachel drove me to the doctor and to get some lunch. The doctor gave me some different medication and said I would need a MRI if the physical therapy didn't work this week. I have 3 PT appointments, so I'll keep you all updated.

Thank you for all your prayers. Keep them coming. :)