Monday, January 22, 2007

Elevation 2007

This weekend, my young adults group took off for the Northstar resort in Tahoe. We got there really late on Friday and got back late on Sunday night. On Saturday I just hung out in the lodge with Laura. Skiing/snowboarding isn't really my thing and I was totally up for relaxing. It was really nice! There was a yarn shop in the village, so I bought knitting needles and yarn and Alyssa taught me how to knit! I'm still pretty bad..but its been fun learning! That night we went out for pizza in Truckee and stayed up late playing gin rummy....always a good time! On Sunday we hung out in Northstar village and went tubing and ice skating. The tubing incident wasn't so great. We paid 18 bucks and we got there and they had cut the run in half, because they didn't have enough snow! We were so disappointed that we only went down once and tried to get our money back. It didn't work so we just headed back down to the village. That was the only disappointing part of the trip. I had a really great time! I love Santa Cruz Bible Church and am just working on where I fit in with the young adults group. My first event that I'm planning is the Superbowl party, so I hope it is awesome!

In other news...this is the first time I have ever actually gotten to watch 24 live on tv. Usually I have bible study on Monday nights, but we took the night off because of the ski trip. This season is good. Stop reading if you don't want a spoiler. They already set off a nuclear bomb..what else can they do this season?!?! OH and I can't believe that guy is Jacks brother...hes been a part of so many terrorist things. This show is amazing. If you're not watching it, you should who doesn't like Kiefer??

Well, this is my last week of living in Watsonville. As of Friday, my new address will be:
1795 47th Avenue #D
Capitola, CA
So excited to be in the new place! My parents are coming up next weekend to bring my bed and everything else I need! I will be sure to post pictures when I get there on Friday! Hope everyone is doing well!