Saturday, January 13, 2007

My new years resolution is to...

update this blog more often!

I am back in Watsonville and am dreading going back to school on Tuesday! I am excited to see the kids, but not so excited about the early mornings! I had an awesome Christmas in San Diego, it is always fun to be with the family for the holidays!! It's a lot different now that I don't go home as often as I did in college.

After getting back from San Diego, I went to SLO for about 4 days. It was a sweet time with Tim and Katie, the Fuglers and Ben and Meike. I miss everyone there dearly! I can't handle being away for too long! Luckly, there is a baby on the way, so I will be back soon!

And now, I am back in Watsonville. Where I will only live for 2 more weeks. On the 26th I am moving up to Capitola with another teacher! I am so excited! I will finally get to have my own place! She (and the rest of my staff for that matter) is not a Christian. But they have been noticing the fun times I have been having at it's only a matter of time!:o) I am excited to be living closer to the beach and closer to church!

I have become very involved at Santa Cruz Bible Church. Once the young adults leaders found out I used to plan activities...they asked me to join after 4 months I am in charge of activities. I know..none of you are surprised! haha. My first big one is the Superbowl party...very excited! In December we had a young adults banquet..and I wore a dress! It has been hard adjusting to a new group of people, especially when they have been friends for so long. I really enjoy the Sunday services and have been blessed to find an awesome bible church. We are going to Tahoe next weekend...I'll definitely update after that!

Cassie is coming to visit this weekend! Sadly we will miss the 24 they're being taped!!!

I hope all of you are doing well and had a great holiday time!

Oh and GO CHARGERS!!!!


lisa said...

yea, post more so we can keep in touch! Love the car, love the cute black dress. Glad you holiday was fun. Can't wait to hear about your new place! xoxo lisa leonard