Sunday, July 23, 2006

Summer School

Wow, I can't believe I am about to start my last week of teaching summer school! It seems so unreal. I can tell that I picked the right career. If you can love teaching during the summer, you can love teaching always. haha I love those kids. I loved speaking Spanish, I loved coming up with the plan when I got to school in the morning, and I loved having a good time.

Some things I learned:
-yelling at kids, doesn't work
-sitting down with them and helping them through the book or the work, does work
-if one of your students doesn't speak english, you have to change everything about your teaching
-don't do everything the curriculum tells you to
-productive noise is ok
-3rd grade boys like to show off
-getting hand drawn pictures is the coolest thing ever
-all 4 years at cal poly are worth it after you get a letter that says you're the best teacher they've ever had :)
-every student has potential, you just have to bring it out in them!
-math stinks, but timed tests really do work
-explain everything, if you think they know how to do it, explain it again

I'd say it's been a productive summer! I'm still terrified of having my own classroom, but at least I know which things work, and which things don't! In 3 weeks, school starts. how crazy is that?!?!

but even sooner...hawaii...5 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. this heat is crazy!

Finleyfan02: How do you feel about ice cream later?
RebelDM01: are you thinkin' coldstone ice cream?
FinleyFan02: im thinkin anything thats cold
RebelDM01: amen
FinleyFan02: i dont really care where
RebelDM01: i'll LAY on their cold stone
FinleyFan02: HAHAH


amy said...

haha! yay! i'm on the blog :) oh! and the CD worked without a password or anything! i even played it in my car. so i'm wondering what's up with my itunes that it won't let me burn new stuff to cd. everything has an mpeg4 lock on it. poo. see ya manana!

W Brown said...

A group of teachers have gotten together a formed a makeshift book club for the summer... I know you didn't read the book but please feel free to comment or reflect on the quotes at

ps I hate Itunes for doinr that to new songs!