Tuesday, July 18, 2006

new blog!

Hi All. I switched over from xanga because a few people said that they can't comment there, and that's no fun! I stayed home from work today, because I have had flu like symptoms. Kinda random. I was with eliannah moses a lot this weekend, and I just found out she has the chicken pox. Sooo, I may be reacting to that, even though I've already had it! Anywho, I'm just enjoying relaxing and being away from the kids for a day. Man, they're tiring. I just hope that they haven't killed the sub yet. lol. I've been praying for her all day, because everyday after recess, they've been really obnoxious. Anyways...hope all is well with everyone!

11 days til Hawaii!


iratte said...

Love the blog. sorry to hear that you are ill. will keep you in prayers and your brother will too. also wished we could have had more time to chat at the pool party. thanks for having us. so proud of you for all of your accompishments. i will check in with your blog soon.

love you, ines and your bro