Friday, July 21, 2006

Dancing fun!

Last night we went dancing to celebrate Amy's last day of being a cal poly student!(not that we don't usually go on thursdays, lol) Anyways, Amy, Lynn and I had an awesome time! Line dancing in the summer is always so awesome, because there's not as many people! I'm looking forward to enjoy my last week of dancing, next week. Maybe I can get my parents to come! haha

In other news, Rachel just booked flights to come visit me on Labor Day Weekend, how cool is that?!?! Now I'm excited to move, just so she can come visit :o) She's coming Aug. 31st and then leaving on labor day. I think we're going to go to the Monterey Aquarium, one of my favorite places! Also, since she hasn't been to sbc park, I think we're going to go to a giants game, which I'm always a fan of, because Steve Finley is on the team! She is also going to be able to come to school with me on Friday, which is sooooo exciting. That will be a good time, even though I'll put her to work ;o)

I also just booked my flight to fly home for thanksgiving. It was 70 dollars cheaper if I flew home on tuesday night, instead of wednesday morning. Kind of lame. $160 round trip is pretty good! I am sooo looking forward to not driving, especially if I have the same car. (poor corrolla!)

Well I'm off to the pool with Katie and Benjamin!

P.S. 8 days til Hawaii!