Monday, March 08, 2010


This weekend, I got to go visit some of my closest friends, Missy, Matt, Tricia and Travis in Boise, Idaho. I had never been to Idaho, so I was super excited. I was able to go Thurs-Sun. I really needed a break from life, it was perfect timing.

It was also Missy's birthday this weekend...I made plans for us to go to Mexican food and Fondue at the Melting Pot(sooooo good). On Friday we ran on the Oregon Trail and had birthday festivities. On Saturday we wondered around downtown Boise and Boise St and hiked to favorite part! I am so blessed to have friends that I can have fun doing anything with and who I can be myself with. In fact, one of my favorite moments was a spontaneous dance party with a strobe light and fog machine, which ended up setting off the smoke alarm. :) It was an awesome time away, and I came back feeling refreshed!

The capital buidling, downtown Boise

Birthday dessert at The Melting Pot
The Blue field where the Boise St. Broncos's famous, had to get a picture.
The top of Tablerock, the view of Boise.

Love the cross at the top of Tablerock :)
Birthday dinner!


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like fun......My O'my how skinny you are getting.... Surprized Matt and Missy even knew you... Keep up the great work.... You really did alot in a week-end.... Luv Ya, G-Ma

Katie Lady said...

I am sooo jealous! Not only were you in the town where my BFF lives, but one of my favorite places. Are you ready to move there? Don't let Kim find out you were in her town and didn't connect with'll be in a heap a trouble!

Anonymous said...

Oh what a neat Blue field.... Really differant....Really like the picture of the Cross... Very interesting pictures.... Love you, G-Ma