Monday, July 20, 2009


This summer is flying by! I thought I wouldn't be busy, but here I am. :) Just some snapshots of the summer! I have a couple more posts with specific events. Maybe later this week! BUT most importantly: Melissa had her kidney transplant. Dan donated an amazing kidney and they are both home and doing great! Praise the Lord!!!!! I am so excited to see Mel feeling better. :)

Doing the twist at Graciela's wedding.
The beautiful bride and some work friends. Church picnic!!
Waiting in a crazy long line for Harry Potter, with my awesome friend Rachel. :)
Life group at the beach! Me with cute lil Micah. :)
Andrew at the circus!
Brandon, Bobby and Dan at the Wild Rovers!
Spending time with my 5th graders who left me. :(
BBQ with Mike, Brian and Alyssa!


Mama Mote said...

Looks like you're having fun. Way to dance, Christal!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sure looks like lots of work.... Proud of you... Did you eat lots of peaches???? Luv you, G-Ma