Thursday, June 25, 2009

Summer Reading...

Just in case you care, or are looking for something to read, I have been on a reading kick and am loving it! Here are some books I am reading or already finished. I can't get away from vampire books, but I am doing my best to break out! Some of these are books my students would read. I love reading them because then I can recommend them! Students always come to me looking for recommendations.

A 5th grade-ish book. I'm halfway through and am loving it! Looking forward to reading her other books.
Vampires. Kinda corny, but still hooked. I think there are 2 out in this series.
Another 5th grade book. I LOVE this author. I read Palace of Mirrors in 3 hours. so good! Just Ella is my next read.
A girl at borders recommended the Lightning Thief to me. It is a 6th grade level. It is about a kid who figures out that his father is one of the greek gods. The whole book is about greek mythology. It's awesome! You get to learn and the action is really fun. Can't wait to get to the rest of the series.

The Vampire Academy series. I love this series. The first one was kinda slow, but the rest of them are awesome! Next one out in August.

My school secretary and I are racing to see who can read 25 books first. But she's not not fair. What are you reading?? Doesn't have to be fiction. :)