Saturday, December 20, 2008

Update and Cassie's Graduation

So Mel went home from the hospital yesterday (Friday). I took the day off on Friday to spend time with them because Mel had a hard time remembering this the day before, which scared me. I was so glad I did it because it was hard to leave them today. Anywho, she is home and doing SO well. The doctors were very optimistic and couldn't confirm lupus cerebritis, which is a good sign. They didn't find proteins in her spine, which means she didn't have to start the chemo medicine.(Praise the Lord!) I am super proud of how she did, and even though it was an exhausting week, I am thankful for every minute spent with them!

Now for the promised graduation update! Cassie is a 2008 graduate from Cal Poly! She still has 3 months left of student teaching, and then she'll be a teacher, too! It was super fun buying her all sorts of teacher stuff that I wish I had! I had an awesome time visiting with all of our mutual friends and especially with Jon and Noonie. It's always fun to see them, because we just pick up where we left off. I'm super proud of her and am looking forward to watching her grow as a teacher! Enjoy the pictures. :)

So now I am in San Diego enjoying Christmas break with my family. And on the day after Christmas, Cassie and I leave to celebrate her graduation with a trip to Catalina! I am so looking forward to it and I think I deserve the relaxing. :) I got to start the trip off with a visit with my SLO-no-more family. It was SO great to see them, but way too short. Maybe Katie will post some pictures so that I can steal them. :) Hope everyone is doing well!


Anonymous said...

Good Pics and you always look so happy and having so much fun... Keep up the good work.... LUV YA , G-Ma