Thursday, December 18, 2008

The roller coaster...

of emotions has been throwing me off the track this week. I spent Monday and Tuesday all day at the hospital...and I was there after work yesterday, and will be there again. I am tired and emotionally drained. But it has all been worth it. Randy has been super thankful that I've been around for cards and scrabble playing. I was sad to go back to work on Wednesday, but it needed to be done. I missed the kids and they missed me.

Melissa is doing well. Monday she was exhausted and slept pretty much all day. Tuesday she was her normal self and talked all day. On Wednesday she had dialysis, surgery for the dialysis and some new medication, so she was way out of it. Her blood pressure has been coming down, so that's a blessing. It looks like the diagnosis will be lupus cerebritis. This is the swelling of the main "tree trunk" of the vessels in the brain. This is what most likely caused the seizures. Her outlook is good, especially since they started emergency dialysis.

It has been so hard to watch everything happen. This is my first real experience like this with someone I love. Every hour I spend is so worth it, and I know it means the world to her mom and Randy. Thanks to those of you who are praying. Keep it up!
Here some specifics you can pray for:

1) Their 4 year old son Andrew, it's really starting to affect him.

2) That Mel will get to go home tomorrow!

3) That they have a smooth transition the next few weeks.

4) That I will be able to leave for home without worrying too much.

5) That the doctors will be able to treat this with the lowest dose of medication possible. (its a possibility she may have to take some meds that are kind of like chemo)

I'm off to the hospital for my last visit. When I get home this weekend, I promise to update on Cassie's graduation!


Katie Lady said...

we are praying for you and Melissa. Now we will add Randy and Andrew, too. you are in our hearts, and we hope to see you Saturday!! Miss, miss, miss you.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, dear sister!