Sunday, December 14, 2008

Birthdays and other happenings

This was an interesting birthday. I turned 24 today. Doesn't feel any different than 23.

I started the day off with breakfast with the family. It was a fun way to start my birthday! I was with them because we had come to SLO for Cassie's graduation. (more on that in another post) However, about an hour prior to breakfast, I found out my best friend in santa cruz had a seizure. She doesn't have much kidney function left and was about to start dialysis.

Although I know she will be fine and God is in control, this shook me to the core. I was crying every few minutes and my heart just cried out to the Lord. I went up to san jose to see her, for just a few minutes and it was awkward, because what do you say? I just wanted to love on her and tell her how much she means to me...but the room was small and they were exhausted and she looked so weak. I left there feeling even more broken and helpless. She has had other hospital visits, but this one seems much more serious. Part of me (as dumb as it sounds) was heart broken that she couldn't spend this special day with me. She helped planned it, and we've been talking about it for months! I couldn't imagine it without her. But alas, life goes on, and it did.
Along with Melissa and Randy, I am blessed with TONS of other amazing friends in santa cruz. 15-20 of those amazing friends showed up for dinner downtown and games and Candy Cane Cream Pie at my house!(K, we had a whole one left over, too bad it wont make it til next Saturday...)Mike and Brian came down from San Jose and lots of other friends joined. They helped me to enjoy the little amount that was left of my birthday. The boys bought me a game called Loaded Questions and it was amazing. There was SO much laughter. I couldn't help but enjoy myself! It's like that kind of enjoyment that you're having so much fun, but then you remember who's not there to share it, and you feel guilty. But anyways, it was great fun and thank you to all who came, called or facebooked me with birthday wishes!

Thanks for reading, even though their aren't pictures (still working on fixing that.)

And please be in prayer for Melissa and Randy and their 4 year old, Andrew. Thanks. and Mel if you ever get to read ya and am here for you always! :)


Spencer Joplin said...

Because you were too popular on Facebook today, happy birthday.
Thank you for this timely posting so I didn't have to comment on your Thanksgiving post.

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday Christal! I loved Loaded Questions too, a great group game :) We loved getting your Christmas card in the mail -- it was so cool to see all the places you have been!


P.S. March 1st!

Kendra Kertson said...

I am glad you had fun. You deserve it. Sorry I missed loaded questions but alas motherhood calls. Hope to see you before you leave for the holidays but if not have a great break!

Anonymous said...

Loveyou and many prayers for your friend..... See you soon... Luv ya, G-Ma