Saturday, September 01, 2007

I know, I know...

It has been way too long. My life has been crazy x 100 since the first day of school. I am still wondering if it will ever calm down! 4th grade seems so much more tiring than 2nd grade. There has been so much going on. Our numbers in 4th and 5th grade are low and the numbers in kinder are way too high. Sooo, we just lost a 5th grade teacher to kinder. So, we had to make a 4/5 combo. What does that mean for me? Gaining 7 new boys and 1 new girl, plus giving up 2 of my boys. It breaks my heart to move kids around like this. At one point during our 3 hour placement meeting, I actually cried. This population of kids really needs a person who is constant in their lives....It's just hard on everyone. The new class starts on Tuesday. Please be praying that the switch goes well for all of us!

I decided to stay home this weekend, just because I was sooo exhausted and my neck and back have been bothering me. Today, I got a new camera! Some friends came over for some UNO playing tonight...always great times. It has been a nice relaxing weekend. Tomorrow is church and probably grading math tests. :)

OH and my roomie and I are going to New York in January! We decided to go out for a few days because we really want to see Hairspray and Grease on Broadway. So excited!

Laura and her brother, Mark!

The UNO players.

Allen and Laura! So glad you're back, Laura!