Wednesday, August 15, 2007

First Day #2

The first day is over. I am so exhausted! My feet hurt, and they have blisters. :(

Other than that, the day was pretty good! I think my class will be much better than last year! And, so far, I only have 22 students. Thats less than some 2nd grade teachers. :) The kids are so much more mature and can do so much more! So far, I'm loving 4th grade. I have a lot of really fun girls, and even some fun boys. Only 1 student who doesn't speak any english...pretty good.

One of the new teachers ended up with 4 pretty high intensity boys. I feel like I paid those dues last year. I had about 7 of those. But since my numbers are so low, I may be gaining one of those boys. It should be ok, since my class does pretty well. They are still pretty chatty, but can also work pretty quietly, especially once I do a little moving of desks. I'm looking forward to doing some fun things with them. Be praying that I find my groove and ease right into 4th grade! Hope everyone is doing well!


MeganAnne said...

What would life be if we didn't keep doing and learning new things? I'm sure you'll make a wonderful 4th grade teacher!! I'm going up to SLO this weekend to move my little sister in and go camping with my family. It should be lots of fun. Lucky little sister gets to live in SLO. We need to do some catching up one of these days. And hopefully at some point I'll brave the drive up to your neck of the woods and we'll have to hang out.