Sunday, September 02, 2007

New Classroom!

My new room!

My least favorite subject....

The other side of the room..

Our mascot is a Dragon. :)

Exactly how is one supposed to fit 31 students?!? Like this!


MeganAnne said...

It was sooooo nice to see you! It's fun just to hang out together... reminds me of oh so long ago. And some day I'll figure out how to get up to see you and we can go line dancing.

Lisa Leonard said...

your room looks great. sound like a rough start to the year--with switching kids. hang in there! thinking of you. xoxo

amy said...

ha, for some reason seeing those desks makes me miss elementary a kid. i want my pencil box and notebooks that i can put in my own desk. pretty silly huh? :)

gimlix2 said...

I was thinking of how you could fit 31 students... and rather than that, I was thinking more like Tetris.

I didn't say it was viable or conducive to their education, it was a thought exercise.

Stay HTH!