Sunday, May 27, 2007


I really need to keep this thing up. I am a complete slacker. :) Life has been incredibly busy this past month. I can't believe there is only 8 days left of school. Where did the year go?! Can I teach 5th grade next year?'s a good thing I have Jesus...that's all I can say!

I have had a lot of out of town friends visiting lately. Missy and her friend came to visit and Rachel is here now. Seeing them and enjoying my time with them has put me in a semi-weird mood again. There is this unexplainable feeling like something in my life is off. I think I'm just at the point where I'd like to know what to do next and where I'm supposed to be. I don't know if it's because I'm not fitting in like Id like to or just because I'm ready for something new. Too much thinking.

When Missy was here, I took the day off, and we headed up to San Francisco, for a very crazy and very short trip. It was nice to be in the city again. We went to alcatraz, where I enjoyed the audio tour in spanish...good times!
Today, Rachel, my best friend from home, came into town. She's going to stay until Tuesday. She was able to come meet my class in September, so now she gets to see how they've changed! Tonight we went to see Pirates 3 and went to Marini's for yummy ice cream. Pirates was pretty good, I was impressed. It always amazes me that Keira Knightly's hair is always like it is, even after she is fighting dead people. haha. The rest of our weekend is full! We have some fun plans for Sunday, a picnic on monday with some other out of towners and then school on tuesday! I'm so excited to have her here!
I am enjoying the last few weeks of school and I am starting to get excited for the summer! Next weekend Im going to see the USA mens soccer team play San Jose. And the week after, Im going to a giants/As game. I will of course boo both teams. :) I am simply going for the lack of baseball in my life. At the end of June, the padres play the giants. I hope to be there for those, too. June is full of tons of fun! I am going home for graduation festivities, going to see Kenny Chesney, going to SLO, going to weddings and just relaxing. Yay for summer!!


Katie Lady said...

Yay for your SLO visit!! We can't wait to see you, Tee-Ti! I'm sorry you feel a bit OFF--so do we...ID is calling all of us, no?
Glad you had some smiles this weekend. Miss you...