Friday, May 04, 2007

Mcboys, open house and pain...

Rachel came over for a 2 hour episode of greys anatomy. They are trying to do a spin off of Grey's with Addison. Interesting...although we did get a nickname for the new love interest. I wonder if it will work...Good times with my "sister" watching all the mcboys.

Had open house last night, too. About 11 families out of 17 came. Not too bad. My chango bar bribe may have helped. It was really fun, the kids had a checklist, and they gave their parents a tour of the room. I find it hilarious, that by the end of the tour, each parent knew who Mr.Wan was. They showed them his art work and the letter he wrote them. Totally awesome. One boy even showed his dad how he holds the door open for the girls. haha.

I had an awesome time hanging out with all the moms. They are so fun to talk to. Once my Spanish gets going, it's hard to stop it! They are always asking questions about what I do, why I'm not married and why I can't have the same class again next year. When I mentioned that there is a possibility I may be moving grades and it would be an English class....a few parents said they would take their kids out of bilingual. ha! I didnt even tell them if it would be third grade. Its always good to know that people think youre doing a good job. :)

The day before open house, I started to get really bad pains in my lower back. I kind of shook it off, since it had been a stressful week and I usually have back pain when Im stressed. Well I was at school for 12 hours yesterday, and by the end, I could barely sit up enough to drive home. I got a few hours of sleep, and wasn't feeling much better today. I took a half day off of work because I needed to go get a few shots for Kenya. As soon as I walked out of school, I felt the pain get worse. (its easy to ignore when youre working.) I begged Alyssa to take me to a chiropractor after we got our vaccines. I went to her awesome doctor who wasn't technically even open today. He was amazing. He knew something was wrong when one leg was longer and I couldnt even hold my left one up. He took xrays and found out that I have a twisted vertebrae in my lower spine. He readjusted and sent me home. Since then I laid on Alyssa's couch, Julie and Kirsten's couch and now mine. It is really no fun at all! I'm just glad that I know what's wrong and that he can do something about it.

I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!!!