Monday, May 07, 2007

PS...Fyi This week is teacher appreciation week. ;o)


MeganAnne said...

hehe, I just realized I posted a comment on the last new post and meant to post it on this one. oh well, I'm sure you'll get it anyways.

amy said...

i'm sorry i haven't called. i'm a bad friend. i kept meaning to over the weekends but i've been gone every weekend for some wedding or another. i heard you're off to africa this summer which is very awesome. and i appreciate you as a teacher (and your students better be appreciatin' you too). and i'm starting to wonder if it's a Mexican cultural thing that they expect girls our age to be married because my 2 Mexican coworkers are giving me a terrible time about being single (it's actually starting to grate on my nerves but so is a lot of other stuff). anyway, i hope you're doing well. let me know when you're in SLO next. perhaps sometime this year i can make it up north again.