Friday, January 25, 2013


I'm linking up with Life Rearranged.

InstaFriday is when people blog about their week using pictures from their Instagram feed.

I need to be better about using my instagram, but here we go!

 It was my husband's birthday this past weekend. I threw him an Oregon Ducks party. EVERYTHING was green and yellow. I felt pretty accomplished!

I LOVE having people over. A full house makes my heart full.

The Bachelor started recently!! I love spending my Monday nights with awesome ladies. we do brackets and everything, trying to guess who will get a rose that night. I's awesome. And yes those are pictures of the women, on ho-hos... :)

Our Faith Community served on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by cleaning up a local and historical cemetery in Santa Cruz. We have done this a few times, and it is always awesome! This time, my handsome husband was interviewed for the news, and made it on the front page of the paper. :)

No caption needed. :)