Thursday, January 24, 2013

A New Lifestyle

I'm back in the blogging world, and I'm committed to doing it at least once a week! Since my last post, I got engaged, married and became an assistant principal! Whew!

What brings me back, you ask? I recently received some news that requires me to change my life, in drastic ways.

Last Friday, Steve and I saw a doctor about some concerns. On that day, I was diagnosed with Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome. Instead of explaining everything, you can read up on it here. Here are the basics: PCOS causes an imbalance of insulin, which currently makes me pre-diabetic. It also makes it EVEN harder to lose weight (sigh). Most importantly, to me, it does cause infertility. I was an emotional wreck, when I heard this. Instead of letting it knock me down, I decided I was going to conquer PCOS.

So here I am, updating my blog, over a year later, to share this with you, and be open about my life changes. I have been eating well and exercising, over the last year, but have only gained weight. Now that I understand what is happening, I hope this will change.

Each week I'm going to post an update here. Plus, maybe some fun pictures, because it is more fun that way. In the meantime, I'm reading up to learn more about PCOS and how to defeat it.

Week 1:
Weigh in on 1/24: 261.8

Until next week!


Anonymous said...

What! Shocking news!!! Will be praying for you. Glad you are back on the blogging bandwagon.