Sunday, December 19, 2010

Wedding Weekend

This weekend was Christy and Zach's wedding! Hard to believe it has already come and gone! It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed being a part of it and being able to spend time with friends I don't see often! Enjoy some pictures from the weekend!

Let's pause for a story about this. My car was parked in front of Christy's house on Friday. We were all inside getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. Some kid(still not sure he was old enough to drive, and didn't have proof of a license) hydroplaned at a pretty fast speed and hit my car. My fender and passenger side door took a good beating. I drove it to the driveway, and it's definitely not safe to drive back over the 17. So, I'm carless until after Christmas. Because it's cheaper than I rental car, I now have to fly home for Christmas. It's just frustrating to have to change all of my plans, AND have to figure out how to get to work the next 3 days. Yes, you heard right, I'm still at work until Wednesday. Ridiculous, I know. Also frustrating is the fact that the car was not insured. Of course it wouldn't be, because that would actually make something easier. Anyways, not a fun start to the weekend.


Mama Mote said...

Well, you sure had your share of emotions it sounds like. Well, I hope things work(ed) out for you car-wise. Love the pics from Christy's wedding. She looks beautiful! How fun and those Nugent boys are sure handsome. You look pretty, too. Glad you got to get to the wedding and enjoy yourself. Looks like it was a nice time. Congrats to Christy and Zach.