Wednesday, November 05, 2008

The Tuesday that made history...

I thought this was awesome, gotta love Stuff Christians Like

Not to make fun of it, but I won't write another post, because my feelings have been greatly expressed in other blogs. What I will write about is how I have this weird feeling of "I don't care." In all honesty, I DO care. A lot. I may have stood with my ballot for 10 minutes while my roommate kept saying "We are going to be late for work" (I was truly undecided. I wasn't happy with either candidate, but went with the candidate who has some of my main beliefs) .

But, I was in class from 6 pm-10pm on election night. I missed it all. The speeches, the excitement, the history being made. I think that is a huge part of it. Did I learn anything in that class? No, I was more upset that I was missing it all. I just have had this weird feeling, and have been avoiding the topic today. I dodged 4th grade questions of "Who did you vote for?" My class had a big mock election after learning about both sides and the electoral college. (unanimous vote for obama, if you're wondering.) I felt really alone today. In a city (or school) full of liberals, I felt weird. Was I the only one that didn't think it was ok to post a big article about Obama on the front door of the school? All opinions aside, it is NOT ok to make it seem like the whole school wants that up there.

As I write this, I realize that maybe I'm not ready to deal with it all. I have struggled throughout this whole election process. I think I'm just scared, and I just act like I don't care. I'm not ready to face it, I suppose. So much for breaking out of my comfort zone. I should have been armed and ready to take on those conversations today, but no. Anyways, this is long, and I am tired (mostly of report cards).

And in other news, without giving specifics, I am asking for specific prayer about a fairly large move I am considering making. I'm praying for the Lord's will, if doors are opened, I'll go...if not, I'll move on, no harm. :) thanks!!!


Katie Lady said...

Okay, so we'll have to talk more about all of this SATURDAY!!!!! We are more excited than words can say. Hugs and squeezes.

Katie Lady said...

From Tim: THAT is abusurd! That's ridiculous.

Brianna Heldt said...

This post was wonderful, thank you for sharing your heart!!!

I too live in a city that is very, very liberal. Denver LOVES Obama. (It has been really strange moving from a place where WE were the liberals to a place where we're the conservatives, if that makes sense.)

I was so apathetic at the outset of this election, but as it progressed, I did become invested in it, and realized that I should be. But that's a tough place to be in, because then you are sad when it doesn't go your way. If anything though it has encouraged me to continue fighting for life.

The Miss said...

Yo C-dawg,
It's Miss. Insomnia at 2:13 am (not that that is the only thing that would be leading me to your blog, lol) ;) Anyway, you will never believe what I did on election day (yesss, the UNTHINKABLE! ;0) I decided at 7:35pm (25 min. before the polls closed!) that I would, in fact, be voting in this election. Anyway, I'm thinking of posting a blog about it.

Much love and respect.