Sunday, September 14, 2008

A new season of TV

Since when did I start watching so much tv?!?! Correction...since when did I start watching so many tv shows online? Basically since tv shows started appearing online. This is what I am watching nowadays or will be watching....Most of the time I am not home to watch, so I catch up on the weekends. What are you watching? Anything good?

Gossip Girl (new found fun!)
How I Met Your Mother (legen..wait for it...dary!)

The new 90210(not convinced yet...but enjoyed the premiere)
The Secret Life of an American Teenager (Same producer as 7th heaven)


Private Practice (Grey's Anatomy spin off)

Grey's Anatomy
The Office (Jim, propose already!)



Cari Meyer said...

Oh my goodness! I'm an online TV junkie too! I watch a lot of the same ones you do, but along with the following: Big Bang Theory, Samantha Who?, Greek, CSI:, I think that's about it... And thanks to the magic of online TV, you don't haveto choose between two shows that are on at the same time!!

Katie Lady said...

so, email me on how online TV works since we don't have any cable service...