Saturday, September 13, 2008

Birthday Extravagaza!

Last weekend, I went to 3 birthday parties in 3 days. Crazy, I know. Why does everyone's birthday have to be in the same week?!? On Friday the 5th, my roommate, Graciela, had her family over and her mom made Argentinian empanadas. mmmmmmmmm. The next morning I went to Monterey for saturday class. After waisting 6 hours of my life, I headed straight to Watsonville. One of my students, Pamela, was having a birthday party. This is the second year she has been in my class, and I have grown to love her and her family. The party was a ton of fun. A couple of other students were there, too. After lots of Mexican food and jumping in the bounch house, I headed over to my friend Staci's for her birthday party. It was such a crazy few days, but it was SO much fun.