Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hi mom!

I hear my mom is going to read my blog for the first time ever: a shout out to her! (hi gma, too.)

I haven't been updating, because there isn't much to report. I'm not enjoying summer school, but I'm getting through. I have been spending my week writing papers, although I got out tonight for a movie, with Mrs.Wan..which is always a good time! I am currently sitting here, working on the papers, nursing my sore throat and cold that has come to visit today. booo.

I promise I'll update next week, because this Friday, we go to the lake!! Tons of pictures to come.

I'll leave you with some recent-ish pictures that I haven't posted! Have a great week!


Kristen said...

Hey Christal!

Love the pictures. Say "Hi" to Missy for me :)