Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Teacher of the Month

Ok, ok, Bobby is right. That last post was awfully depressing. It has been a long, hard year of teaching. Maybe my most difficult, since my first year. Last week, we went to science camp. Now that we are back, I can tell they really had a great time. It makes everything worth it. I love my job, and will take everything that is not in the job description!

In other news, I was selected as the teacher of the month for the Pajaro Valley Unified School District, for the month of March. It will be presented at a school board meeting and at a staff meeting. It is a huge honor, and I'm thankful for the timing of it. Sometimes, it is good to know that you are doing your job well.

Stay tuned for some science camp pictures... :)


Anonymous said...

That's great that you got the award... But we all know you are the BEST..... Luv ya, G-Ma.....