Thursday, May 07, 2009

Catching up...

Wow, life has gotten the best of me lately! In a good way. :) There are lots of countdowns going on right now!
18 days of work(School) left!

3 weeks until my Masters degree program is OVER!

4 weeks until my comprehensive exam :-/

So here's the current crazyness that is my life:

Mondays- study group from 6-9
Tuesdays-cook dinner and life group
Wednesday- freeeeeee--soon to be a womens volleyball league, yay for exercise
Thursday- cook dinner and youth group
Sunday-Church :)/ hanging out with andrew

Needless to say I went to bed at 7:30 last night! It felt so good. Although I'm busy, I love serving Jesus with my life!! My life group blesses me every single week. I just started working with the youth group, I enjoy them, too. I am looking forward to the summer, when work is less stressful and I'm not rushing around everywhere. I have 35 unwatched shows on my dvr, but life is still good. :)

Also, it looks like I may be heading to India in December!My heart has been pulled there for many months, and I finally got up the courage to do something about it. My new church is so small, that they don't really have trips, so I am going to be going by myself and joining a few other people in the same place! I'm going with a great ministry, check them out. If all works out, It will be December 19-January 3. I wasn't going to say anything, but I am about to apply for my VISA and book the flight, so I figured prayer is good! Can you help me with that? :)

I know, I know...SO much going on, I love it! This weekend, I am meeting Sarah, Meesh, Lesley and Kristina in Sacramento for a reunion! These girls were some of my closest friends in college and I am so looking forward to getting away for the weekend!!!

I'll leave you with some pictures of when Andrew and I went to the Moss Landing Marine Lab Open House when I watched him for 4 days. (so much respect for moms!)


Mama Mote said...

Your schedule does look busy, but I believe you are just where God wants you. And India sounds intriguing. Good for you. Will definitely pray for you. Thanks for updating us. Love the pictures.

Anonymous said...

Hey I think I got on OH good..... I really hate to think of you going over there not with a buddy... How long will you be there??? Where will you stay... I must have more info before I approve it.... Luv You G-Ma

Christal said...

14 days...I'd be staying with missionaries. I'll only be flying by myself. The rest of the time I'll be with people. :)

Bethany said...

Christal you amaze me! You are such an inspiration and a blessing. It's so great to see what a heart for people and God you have. I don't know how you go non-stop like you do but I know it will all pay off and you will be blessed beyond measure. I miss you!