Monday, February 25, 2008

Busy Weeks and Weekends!

Wow, I have quite the crazy life right now. My weeks really are full until Friday, which I always have free. Sadly, that is usually spent doing homework for my online Masters class. Booo! Mondays I have bible study, Tuesdays class, Wednesdays are dinner with Julie/Allen, Thursdays are church. It is all filled with good stuff...but it is crazy. I feel like I don't see anyone anymore. :( I have a feeling it will get worse starting March 31, when I start going to class in Monterey Mondays and Wednesdays from 6-10 pm! Usually the weekends have a lot of resting time, but these past 2 Saturdays have been busy, but fun. Last weekend, our young adults group headed up to Dave and Busters. It was awesome! This Saturday, I headed up there again, for a birthday party. My dear friend from college, Mike, turned the big 24. Yesterday, I went to church and spent the rest of the day working, doing homework, watching the Jane Austen Book Club and the Oscars.

I have a feeling this is going to be a really random post. I also watched Becoming Jane this weekend. I am already a HUGE Jane Austen fan...and this movie was awesome! I thought Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy did an awesome job. Even though it was a modern movie, they still preserved a lot of the characteristics of the time. The Jane Austen Book Club was cute, too...just a lot of drama, basically. It got me motivated to ready the rest of her novels, since Ive only read Pride and Prejudice and Sense and Sensibility. I ordered the anthology on Amazon, so I can get reading over Spring Break. Does anybody else have any movie recommendations that I can put on my Netflix list?

I also greatly enjoyed the movie Once. It won an Oscar last night for best song. I was super excited they won, because it was such a great movie. I usually don't like movies like that, but I really enjoyed it.

In other news, my mid year review is over, and my principal offered me tenure for next year. She also assured me that almost all teachers would receive their jobs back in july. That being said, it looks like I will stick around Santa Cruz for one more year. After the 2008-2009 school year, I will re-evaluate, and I will probably make a move to a different city or district. We will see what awesome plans God has for me in the next few years. Please continue to pray for direction and wisdom!

I'll leave you with some new pictures from the past few weeks....Hope you are all well!


Katie Lady said...

Thanx for taking time to spend with my boys while you're so busy. I'm glad you get to keep your job, but sad we won't get you down south! miss you... xoo