Tuesday, October 10, 2006

the slo life

hi all! Amy is right, i haven't posted in awhile! I visited slo this past weekend. it was AWESOME! I got to hang out with the nugents a ton and saw a few other people. Lets just say, it took all i have to leave again. Benjamin kept saying how much he misses me and asking me to not go home. i could barely handle it, and i so wish i could stay and help...oh how i miss them! I had a nice relaxing time there, that ended with a victorious charger party at the peets! it was good times!

Teaching is going great. Life is much better than it was 3 months ago! Things are much calmer, and we have such an fun time in my classroom. We r always laughing and just hanging out with each other. I have bonded with the kids and i almost always want to cry when they tell me they love me. I love being a teacher...i now know what God had in store for me. Most of these students just want a hug or some attention. I'm more than willing to give that! Now the next challenge:doing 15 parent conferences in spanish....joy....

Also, I am starting to get involved at santa cruz bible church. I love the church and the young adults group. I just joined a bible study and i really enjoyed it. I hope this helps to fight the loneliness i was feeling! its so hard to move! I have made a few friends there and am looking forward to making more.


Miss said...

this is a good post!! awwww =) so have you done the shaving cream spelling?? muahaha. buena suerte en tus citas con los padres =P