Friday, September 08, 2006

An update...

Well, I think it's time for an update...even though theres not much to update!

I just finished season 2 of 24...and wow, that is a high quality stories, action, crazyness...and of course Jack Bauer and Tony Almeda dont make the show horrible..haha. Although I already know Tony dies in season 5 :o(

Anywho, I have been spending a lot of my time watching 24 and reading! I haven't found a church yet, so I havent really met many people, outside of school. I can't wait to find a home church! School is pretty much the same. It seems to get better each day, even though my one student is an emotional rollercoaster...he pretty much dominates my life, in school and out. I love him to death...and today he gave me a huge hug, first time hes ever done that...but wow...that was only after a very long crying fit he through during my lesson. He's a hard one, but he's worth all the time and energy. This is what I was born to do...give these kids the hope they need! I know the Lord brought me here for a reason, even if its just taht one student. So everyday, when I question my career choice, I have to remind myself of all the positives. Not to mention, I couldn't have picked a better staff to work with, wow they're amazing. The 2nd grade team is pretty much the best! My partner(th eother bilingual teacher) is so awesome. She's so helpful and if she wasn't married with 2 kids, im sure we'd hang out all the time..haha.

Last weekend Rachel came to visit. She got to come to my class and hang out for the was interesting for her, haha. We went to the aquarium, to the gilroy outlets and to the santa cruz was an awesome weekend! The weeks after those weekends are always hard, because now i have nothing to do this weekend! Well, except for Sunday, because Kristina and I are going to the Padres-Giants game in SF! We have 2nd row tickets! woo hoo! Soooo excited!

Well, I guess I'll get some happy to sleep in! Hope everyone is well!